Welcome To The Sunshine Room!

Meet Anna

Lead Early Educator

Meet Tamara

Lead Early Educator

This is what our classroom looks like!

This is the backdoor to our classroom. Children are greeted at this door in the morning to do their health check before entering the classroom and get picked up here each afternoon. In the Cloud Room we spend a lot of time learning and talking about our feelings using the movie Inside Out. Each character represents an emotion. The drawings on the wall show some of the times that the current Cloud Friends feel each of those emotions.

These are the Cloud Room cubbies where children keep hang up their backpacks, coats, and snowpants. Each child has a basket for extra clothes and shoes as well. In the Cloud Room when children are not wearing their mask, they have a small box to store it and any time the class leave the room, the masks are brought along.

Each morning the classroom is set up with activities on the tables, in the water table, and around the room. The Cloud Friends enjoy activities like.....

In the loft, the Cloud Friends have a self care space with fidget toys, photos of their friends, and other cozy items. This space is for times when friends need a break from the group or are having big feelings.

This is our meeting area. Each morning we count how many days we've ben in school and have a short circle about our study topic. We also love to have dance parties here!

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