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Meet The Office Team!

Meet Megan

Executive Director

Meet Tori

Assistant Director

Here at Trinity Children’s Center, our team of directors are deeply committed to our mission of providing equitable, inclusive, and high quality early care and education programming to our community.  First and foremost, our role is to create a physically and emotionally safe educational environment where learning and care can flourish for children, staff, and families.  We oversee the day to day managerial functions while bringing them into focus with the program’s shared vision, mission, and goals.

We wear many hats throughout the day and encourage currently enrolled families, prospective families, community members, educators seeking employment, or collaborative partners to contact us with any and all questions.  We are happy to assist or be a resource in any way that we can!  

A few of the things we can help you with include:

  • TCC waitlist applications, tours, and enrollment!

  • TCC career pathways and job opportunities

  • Advocacy for child and families

  • Assisting families in navigating child care tuition assistance

  • Connecting families to transportation services, affordable housing programs, or food security

  • Discussing significant transitions, developmental milestones, and/or celebrations!

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