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Cloud Room
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Tamara Francis (She/her)
Early Educator

I moved to Vermont in 2012 with determination to fulfill my passion in elementary education. During my third year of the program, my best friend raved about a preschool (Trinity) where she worked and encouraged me to apply to work there as well. My first day at Trinity completely changed my outlook and I knew then that early education, especially at Trinity, was the home for my heart. Nearing the end of my program, I continued my degree in elementary education.  Thankfully, that year I was given the opportunity to complete my degree with an independent study through an internship at Trinity. I received encouragement and confidence-building support from the staff and was allowed to design and implement projects that I believed Trinity needed. This early opportunity encouraged and solidified my sense of ownership, belonging, and pride as a part of Trinity’s community. I  had the opportunity to learn so much from the veteran staff about the purpose and importance of intentional quality childcare. 


I am now a six year veteran at Trinity. In the cloud room I have been able to explore my passions as a teacher. Creating a culture of close knit community that loves to dance, read books, be mindful, and explore the answers to our questions through hands-on exploration. During the past six years I have invested myself in the use of Second Step as a social emotional guide,  Creative Curriculum to ask and answer questions, and TSG as an effective documentation tool. It has been one of my greatest joys as an educator to combine the cloud friends' passions with researched based curriculums and strategies. 


My favorite parts of the day are  DANCE PARTIES, STORY TIME, and circle time.  I also love to play trains (a little too much)!  My favorite job as a teacher is dreaming up open ended ways for students to explore the world we live in. I recently learned that my play types are director and sorter, which is true in all aspects of my life. I love to set up a good obstacle course, play board games, like Sorry and Bingo, and building marble runs.  I also really enjoy teaching students new games like “Build a Person” and “Who’s Missing”.  My favorite moment as a teacher is when students have an ‘aha’ moment when they discover the answers to their curiosities. 


The last couple of years I have been focusing on building on my knowledge and exploring some new passions as an educator. This fall I am enrolled in a course designed to support the creation of a portfolio for early education licensure.  I have found joy in mastering a blend of researched based curriculum, student interest, and embedding family and community culture into the classroom. I have also recently found a source of inspiration and pride through sharing my knowledge with other educators. It is my hope to become a certified trainer for Burlington preschools. 


A little about me : 


 I am obsessed with Harry Potter and flowers and dragonflies. I never learned to drive growing up and I am currently studying for my permit test.  I do not have a sweet tooth, at all. I can not keep a plant alive but I  do love to try! My favorite things to do outside of work are reading and hosting dinner parties.

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Indra Adhikari (She/her)
Teaching Assistant

I was born in Bhutan and grew up in Nepal. I have been in Vermont since 2011. I started teaching when I was in Nepal. I loved to work with kids. I enjoy playing, exploring, trying to understand their feelings and their needs, helping them and supporting them. Teaching styles in the US are very different from those in Nepal, but the staff at Trinity has been very helpful and supportive. They help and support me whenever I need it. I love to learn according to the changing world. My goal as a teacher is to support the children and help them to learn and explore new environments. 


I am a mother of two, Aadhitya is 13 and Ayan is 8. They are amazing. I started working at Trinity Children's Center in 2014. When Ayan was born I took some time to stay at home with him and returned to Trinity in 2018. I have been working at Trinity as a Teaching assistant eversince. I have enjoyed working with the children at Trinity and have learned so much each day I have been here. 


From my life experiences adapting to a new culture, while still staying immersed in my own, and raising two children, I have developed a philosophy of gentle and supportive care of students. I take my time with them and shower them with love. I focus on having patience and understanding to support them to reach their individual goals. I work very closely with Tamara and the rest of the specialists working in our classroom to help provide consistent and appropriate support for each child. I love to learn about them and their families. I cuddle the children and listen to their thoughts and feelings, helping them to feel comfortable and at home. Building these relationships with them has supported children in feeling open to appropriate challenges and asking for help when they need it.


Eliza Shelley (She/her)
Teaching Assistant

Hello! I grew up in Massachusetts and am currently living in Burlington. I recently graduated from the University of Vermont with an Elementary Education degree. I have always had a passion for working with children and the outdoors. I started my career as a ski instructor at Bromley Mountain in Peru, Vermont, which is where my family currently resides.I started working at Trinity in September 2022 as a support staff in the sunshine room and have since transitioned into being an assistant teacher to Tamara in the cloud room. 


Outside of school and work, I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and my golden retriever Cali, attending concerts and musical festivals, hitting the slopes, and relaxing and reading a good book by the lake.

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