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Tamara Francis

Tamara Francis graduated from the University of Vermont in 2016 with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. She has been a member of the Trinity community the last five years. Tamara first  worked part time as support staff during college, then as a permanent support staff for the last two years. During this time she was also a Paraprofessional for Burlington School District here at TCC and also babysat for many TCC families. Needless to say over the years, Tamara fell in love with Early Childhood Education and Trinity. Tamara is currently in the process of adding an Early Childhood Education endorsement and licensure to her resume.

Tamara's philosophies as a teacher include providing a student centered classroom where students can have as much reasonable freedom of choice throughout the day as possible providing the guidance and opportunity to take ownership of their own well being and learning. She also focuses on honoring student interest by providing opportunities for new experiences and exploration. Dreaming up ways to expose children to their interest is one of Tamara's favorite parts of the  job. Some of her favorite things to do with Trinity Friends are reading and writing stories, collaborative art, dancing, puzzles, trains!

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Walker Judge

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Walker Judge joined the community here  at Trinity Children’s Center back in 1999 as a preschooler in the Sunshine Room. He began to volunteer in each of the classrooms  at 14 years old and continued throughout middle school. He was hired as support staff during the summer of his junior year of high school in 2014. He has worked as a Teaching Assistant for the past year and is looking forward to another year at Trinity. 

Walker is very athletic and loves to explore gross motor play. This allows him to relate to many of Trinity’s kinesthetic learners! Having been a rambunctious child himself, he navigates the boundaries of healthy risk taking effortlessly. He also loves to explore the sciences with our class. This coming year he plans to spearhead a weekly science project, where he wants to provide opportunities for discovery through the senses. 

Walker also loves to engage the Cloud Friends in literacy activities. He enjoys dramatic read alouds where he allows students to explore through music and movement. 

Walker’s greatest philosophy is creating a community in the classroom and  fostering healthy and resilient relationships. He values communicating with his students about how to treat each other with love and respect. Walker is not only a valued member of  the Cloud Room, he successfully spreads these ideals center wide.

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