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Rainbow Room

Paige Erno

Paige was raised in Vermont and attended school through the South Burlington School District. After earning her diploma in 2015, she began working towards her Early Childhood Education degree at the Community College of Vermont, and soon after transferred to the University of Vermont.  Paige began working with children at a young age, and what started out as a part-time gig, turned into an exploding passion! Paige completed her degree in the Spring of 2020, and took the steps to become a Licensed VT Educator! Over the past few years she has fulfilled her degree with many teaching opportunities through UVM, as well as through her employment outside of UVM. Through these experiences she was able to explore many aspects of teaching, which has shaped who she has become as an educator. Some of Paige's favorite classroom happenings include reading, outdoor adventures, musical activities and sensory play! She strives to support a positive and therapeutic classroom environment, which is what originally drew her to TCC! 


Paige lives in Colchester with her two cats, Ash and Queso, as well as her dog, Carla.  Carla is a certified Therapy Dog and TCC is so happy to welcome her into our therapeutic practice.


Megan Brady

Growing up in Milton, VT Megan spent most her my childhood outdoors alongside her family hiking local trails, swimming in Lake Champlain, and exploring her own backyard. After moving to Burlington for school, Meg fell in love with the people and the energy of the community and is proud to be a part of it.

In December of 2020 Meg graduated from UVM with her Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and she is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Special Education. Her first experience at Trinity was in 2021 when she was welcomed into the Sunshine Room for a semester-long service learning opportunity. She was intrigued by the educators’ compassion for children and families, their intentionality, and dedication to support each learner.  As the semester wrapped up, Meg knew she wasn't ready to say goodbye and applied for a support staff position. She has been with Trinity ever since. 


Meg believes that Trinity has been an amazing place to grow as an educator as she navigates her own professional values and pedagogy. She loves play-based learning experiences, both outside and within the classroom.  Some of her favorite places to be at Trinity are in the woods, or in the dramatic play space in the classroom. Encouraging children to be their authentic selves, supporting relationships among peers, and creating a solid foundation of social-emotional skills are a few of her goals when working with children. 

In her free time, Megan enjoys being with friends, visiting local restaurants, and going for runs along the bike path. 

Therapy Dog



Carla is a certified Therapy Dog through “Therapy Dogs of Vermont''. She began working at TCC in February of 2021 alongside her owner/handler, Paige. Carla is a seven year old, “Blue” Standard Poodle (hypoallergenic). She has many hobbies including paddle boarding, hiking, obedience, and spending time comforting and having fun with the humans around her! While in the classroom Carla enjoys sitting with friends during play, listening to friends read books, and supporting friends as they need. Carla is scheduled to spend the day in the classroom every Friday. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

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