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Check Out Our Playground!

Getting out of the classroom is a big part of the day for Trinity Kids. When the weather permits, children get at least an hour of outside time each morning, and longer when conditions allow. We love to help children explore the outdoors and have a variety of play choices throughout the seasons, including bikes, swings, a climber, a large sand area, sleds, balls, trucks, and so many more! The playground has several flower and vegetable gardens that children help tend in the spring and summer. Additionally, in 2019, we started a Giving Garden, a garden plot on the side of our building where children and teachers work together in small groups to grow vegetables to share with our school community.


Twice each year, in November and May, Trinity participates in Outdoor Classroom Day, a global initiative to get kids outside. We spend the whole day (except nap) on the playground running, dancing, snacking, working on art projects, and playing games.

Several classrooms take weekly walking field trips to visit the woods near our building or go sledding on the big hill. In previous years, children and teachers loved to visit the UVM hockey rink, the Flynn Theater, or going to get creemees at the waterfront.

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