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Welcome To The Star Room!

Meet Chelsea

Lead Early Educator

This is what our classroom looks like!


This is the backdoor to the Star Room, where drop offs and pick-ups currently happen. We do a daily health screening with each of the children before they come into the classroom, which includes taking the child's temperature and asking parents a few mandated questions. After children are welcomed into the room, they put away their things, take a bathroom turn, and get ready to play!

This is where Star Friends keep most of their belongings. Each child has a coat hook and cubby for their outdoor clothing. Children also have a space to store their extra clothes, nap time gear, and an art cubby.


This is where we gather for meeting time. At this time we learn something new about our Unit of Study, our Social Emotional Curriculum, and our school/classroom. Currently the Star Friends are learning about photography as a way to answer the question "How are pictures made?"

This is where we sit to eat. We use this space for both snack times and lunch. Star Friends can chat with their peers at this time. You can often find us playing a game called Guess the Animal during our meal times.


The Loft is used as a self-care space. Star Friends can use this space when having big feelings or just needing space away from the group. There are quiet choices inside, visuals to help with taking deep breaths, and a child is always welcome to bring a book with them!

This is our lego table. Star Friends use this space to explore their creativity and imagination to invent wonderful structures, vehicles, and much more!

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