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Welcome To The Rainbow Room!

Meet Brenda

Lead Early Educator

Meet Hunter

Lead Early Educator

This is what our classroom looks like!


Pick up and drop off happen on our playground, near the classroom door. Parents are asked a short series of mandated health screening questions and a teacher will take the child’s temperature.

This is our cubby area, located right inside the door. Each child has their own cubby to store personal belongings (backpack, extra clothes, items from home). Now that it’s cold and snowy, there is also space to store winter gear.


Meeting time in the Rainbow Room is an important part of our day. This is a time for us to gather together, share a greeting, and learn more about the topics in our classroom. Currently we’re learning about the solar system; we also will always embed a social-emotional curriculum into these conversations. The curriculum we follow is called SecondStep. It goes through your emotions by first talking about what they feel like in our bodies, what it looks like on our faces, and develops into recognizing how other people might be feeling, having different feelings from a friend, and sharing how we feel with others.

We have three meals together as a class: morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. Each meal will consist of a fruit or vegetable and a grain. Meal times are a great way to share conversation between teachers and children, ask questions, and learn more about one another. 


Our classroom includes a number of stations, each one focusing on a particular learning domain. While children see this as a bunch of fun play spots, we look at it as fine motor development, literacy, math, science, gross motor, and so on. We foster autonomy by allowing children to make the choice of where they play and how they use the materials provided. We provide structure during our free play times by encouraging children to stay in a space and get engrossed in the activity. We do this by playing alongside children and asking questions or making observations.

Our loft is split into three levels. Our self care space is located at the bottom of our loft. This is an area of the classroom where children can be alone, take space, and regulate. There are a variety of calming materials here as well as books to read and emotion cards to identify with. 


Our light table is located on the middle level of our loft. There are toys and manipulatives for children to explore each day. 


The top level of our loft is currently being used for storage, however, in the past it’s been an area where children will play. The top of the loft will typically have a quiet game or activity such as puzzles, writing journals, or white boards.


Here are some photos from our SPACE unit :) The children helped make each of the planets, the rocket ship, and the wall of stars. We like to be collaborative as we’re designing a new play space in our classroom. The children are so proud of this space in our classroom and take ownership over the pieces that they’ve contributed to.

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